I am starting this article to make notes of things I have learnt thru experiences, books, meeting people. Practicing many of the theories that I’ll mention has helped me make a better relation with myself and others, I’ll write and make this article more intriguing with time. Looking forward for co-authors who’ll love to share what they have learnt in their journey.

T.1 Theory of Questions

3 min readMar 28, 2021


Questions have always been a fundamental part of any intelligent species’ life. For humans, in general questions have been a fuel to make advancements in life.

We all know our brain is responsible for asking most stupid and most astonishing questions, but what exactly in our brain puts things together that we end up feeling curious, emotional after asking questions?

Our brain can be divided broadly in two categories i.e. “Downstairs brain & Upstairs brain”

Downstairs Brain

Downstairs brain is the irrational part of brain, it makes us act without thinking. This part is not as stupid as it sounds to be, It has to act quickly for survival purposes. As in a life threatening situation we wouldn’t just sit down and draw up a plan of action before saving our life, Right?

Development of the downstairs brain is faster than the upstairs brain, it is well developed at birth and starts making connections way earlier than the upstairs brain. This part generates very strong emotions like fight or flight.

Upstairs Brain

Upstairs brain is the rational one, this part is the one which asks questions, participates in rational thinking and uses words rather than immediate actions to communicate feelings and thoughts. The upstairs brain is responsible for more intricate mental processes like planning, decision-making, self-awareness, empathy and morality.

Gist is that the upstairs brain is the part responsible for asking rational questions and it has the real thirst of curiosity whilst the downstairs part deals with immediate irrational emotions/actions.

Why we need questions?

Fundamentally our brain has a job of processing information, our sensory organs provide our brain with information all the time. With continuous processing and adding no questions to it wouldn’t make us curious. Our emotions and intelligence wants us to be curious about things and to fulfil this we need questions.

It is known that human brain is a newly developed organ in our species, so why there are people like Albert Einstein whose brain are considered so different and special than rest of the human specie.

I believe that Albert Einstein developed such a beautiful brain which has to be preserved because he asked right questions to himself, he put himself in front of questions which were ahead of his time, he was able to ask questions ahead of his time because his upstairs brain had made connections from his previous research, studies and experiences.

Summarizing it for your lazy ass brain.

Hence, in order to grow, gain control of life, to become a realist or to find the eternal purpose we need to ask ourselves the right question.

How to find the right question?

There’s no shortcut to find the right question, as to find the right question, your brain needs questions which were proved right or not to be right earlier before [I meant that our upstairs brain needs connections and learning to think more rationally]. To achieve this one needs to keep asking questions.




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